Everyone in the world should squat. It is a very rare case for me, or any other coach, to look at a client and determine that there is no squat variation that person should perform. The benefits of squatting are widely spread across all aspects of what health and fitness truly is.

Squats can help you build muscle. Squats can help you become more explosive and powerful. Squats can increase your endurance. Squats can help you become more mobile. The list goes on and on.

However, when it comes to squats, many people like to focus on the negatives that can happen when a person repetitively performs squats with poor form and incorrect programming protocols.

Squats are bad for your knees!”

“Squats make my lower back hurt!”

“I don’t squat because I don’t want to get bulky!”

There is an easy fix to all excuses to avoid squatting.

Find the right way to squat for YOU. Find your variation, your stance, your depth, your loading and your rep range.

You see, to completely avoid a foundational movement would be one of the most counterproductive things you can do to your physical fitness. Instead of focusing on the problems, I like to focus on finding the solution. So here are 101 squat variations, what they look like and when to use them.

Whether you’re an athlete, coach, trainer, fitness enthusiast or a beginner in the gym, I hope this can be a guide for implementing a truly impactful and vital movement into your programming with zero pain and optimal results.