What does it take to be a great athlete or to become the fittest version of yourself? What athletic trait or fitness quality do you strive for in your training?

Is it strength? The size of your biceps? The size of your glutes? Your 40-Yard Dash time? How many Instagram followers you have?

Within athletics or general fitness, there are tons of different goals for which people strive. Of course, goals are extremely important to have, but choosing the right things to aim for is equally important.

As a coach, I think it’s extremely important to guide our clients and athletes toward choosing the appropriate types of goals. And since we all train ourselves, I think it’s equally important to practice what we preach.

There are a lot of overrated aspects of fitness or athleticism that people strive for. These are so common, in fact, that I asked some of the most intelligent coaches I know to weigh in on the subject to provide you with a clear-cut game plan on things you may NOT want to put as much emphasis on when you train.

To avoid majoring in the minors, read through some of these coaches’ thoughts on what the most overrated athletic traits are and why so you can easily fix up your training mistakes!

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