The Pallof Press is an amazing “anti” exercise that delivers total body strength and stability. By resisting spinal flexion/extension/lateral movement, you’re utilizing not just your core but your entire chain of stabilizers throughout your body.

There are TONS of ways to do the Palloff Press:

  • Standing
  • Half-Kneeling
  • Tall-Kneeling
  • Unstable Surface

And there are TONS of ways to load the Palloff Press:

  • Bands
  • Dumbbells
  • Cables
  • Manual Resistance

That’s not even scratching the surface. The variation above is awesome because it features my favorite set-up (half-kneeling) and also one of my favorite variables, tempo. You can mix up your core training like this to stay engaged and enhance the training effect. The possibilities are endless for you!

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