If you’re looking for  a great, low-impact core exercise… The Dead Bug may be the king. This exercise may have a goofy name, but the immediate impact it can make on your performance, posture, pain and strength is no laughing matter.

Just like any other exercise, there are tons of ways to execute this. The variables are endless. Above is one of my favorite variations involving nothing more than a pliable rubber physioball.

To start this off, you want to be on your back (supine) with the ball between your legs and in the three month position (knees bent around 90 degrees, ankles dorsiflexed, lower back on ground, neutral spine). Stole that name from Mike Robertson. I have no idea why it’s called that?


Squeeze into that ball. Turn on abs and inner thighs. Reach your arms straight up to the ceiling. Inhale – BIG, deep diaphragmatic breath – and reach some more.

As you exhale, slowly lower your arms to the floor (supine shoulder flexion). Do not let your tension into the ball reduce, do not let your arms become out of sync, do not let your rib cage flare (or your back arch) and do not stop exhaling until you’re completely out of air to blow out.

That’s one rep. Reset and repeat.

Say hello to your new ticket to GAINZVILLE. Okay, but really. Do these to build a resilient core that looks just as good as it performs.