I was going to write a long intro reflecting on 2016 and all of the life lessons I learned over the past 12 months, but I think I may save that for another day.

Instead, I think I will get right to the meat and potatoes of this article and give the people what they really want.

Below are 16 of the top fitness articles of 2016, chosen by yours truly. Notice I did not say, “These are the best fitness articles of the year and if you disagree you are a complete moron,” which is how 80% of the internet likes to interpret any type of list or rankings article.

These are simply 16 really awesome articles written by people way smarter than me. I enjoyed them. I utilized their content and adopted the actionable takeaways into my own life. I think you should consider doing the same!

Out of the hundreds of articles I read this year, these 16 stood out. Check them out with links provided below.

#16: “Culture, Social Facilitation, and Strength and Conditioning Success” – Eric Cressey

  • Cressey drops some knowledge bombs in this one that cover some of the more non-physical forms of success in the industry. Truly a great read for any trainer, at any stage of their career.

#15: “Food is Not a Reward. Fitness is Not a Punishment” – Neghar Fonooni

  • This is a really great real talk moment that incorporates a lot of hot topics that come along with living a “fit” lifestyle.

#14: “10 Things Every Lifter Should Be Able to Do” – Dan John

  • When Coach Dan John speaks, you listen. This is a quick read that scratches the surface of performance and assessment standards. Follow this up with any of his recent books to really tie it all together.

#13: “4 Popular Beliefs About Core Training Fitness Professional Think Are True” – Nick Tumminello

  • This is a great article, supported by science, that illustrates the many intelligent ways to train the core and why all types of philosophies should be implemented.

#12: “6 Reasons You Should Care About Your Poop” – MC Schraefel and Krista Scott-Dixon

  • Poop talk. Yes, please. If you want to truly live a better lifestyle, this is an important read.

#11: “The Dangers of Today’s Female Fitness Industry” – Meghan Callaway

  • This article is an empowering piece that crushes all of the myths surrounding women’s fitness. Male or female – Athlete or coach – read it and put it to action.

#10: Combo Pack: “My Top 5 Coaching Cues” & “My 5 Least Favorite Coaching Cues” – Mike Robertson

  • It’s a 2-for-1 special! I couldn’t include one without the other. Mike Robertson lays out some very simple cues that could pay huge dividends in the gym, as well as some outdated cues you could improve upon.

#9: “Push-Ups: You’re Doing Them Wrong” – Joel Seedman

  • Dr. Joel Seedman goes in on all-things-push-ups and it is so awesome. This article is so in-depth, comprehensive and easy to follow with videos and photograph illustrations. This will revamp your push-up technique and overall total body strength.

#8: “Motivation is Overvalued. Environment Often Matters More” – James Clear

  • I am a huge believer in the power of environment. James Clear really drives this point home in the article and it could be a game changer for your entire mindset.

#7: “How to Bench: The Definitive Guide” – Greg Nuckols

  • I used to suck at the Bench Press. Then I read this. Now I suck less at the Bench Press. The name says it all. It’s another great in-depth look at a foundational movement.

#6: “Deconstructing the Deadlift” – Mark Rippetoe

  • Everything you need to know about the deadlift is in this article in a very easy to read and understand package. Mark Rippetoe absolutely crushes this so you can go and rip heavy weights off the floor.

#5: “27 Awesome Core Exercises for Athletes to Build Strength and Fight Back Pain” – Andy Haley

*Includes core assessment and PDF by Mike Robertson

  • Haley and Robertson team up on this one for a overview of what the core is and how to train it. The best part about this is that it comes with a really quick and easy core assessment and correctives to go along with the assessment results.

#4: “Perfect Supersets for Strength, Muscle and Spinal Health” – John Rusin

  • Dr. John Rusin sets some much needed standards on how to program supersets to become a resilient savage in the gym. There is no one better when it comes to training safe without losing your hardcore edge.

#3: “Becoming a Brick Shit House 101 & 201” – Pat Davidson and Tony Gentilcore

  • Best article title on the list, by far. This is an awesome interview between two insanely genius coaches that is as entertaining as it is informative. My biceps grew 4 inches just by simply reading both articles. 101 and 201 are linked above separately.

#2: “Know-Think-Guess: The 70/20/10 Rule of Programming” – Jesse McMeekin

  • This is a really interesting thought process and theory on programming that I think every coach can benefit from. There are many takeaways from the 70/20/10 rule, but my favorite is that it teaches coaches that it’s okay to not have all of the answers, all of the time. You can still be highly effective.

#1: “People, We’ve Got to Stop Icing Our Injuries” – Kelly Starrett and Gary Reinl

  • Everything we’ve ever known about recovery got absolutely flipped upside-down by Reinl and Starrett in this video/article. It is one of the most intriguing conversations in the entire health industry right now. Start with this article and use it as a catalyst to dive deep into the topic and see what you’ll learn!