Depending on who you ask or which journal publishes the study, back pain may be the leading cause of discomfort in athletes and fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Besides shoulders and knees, there’s not even a body part that could be thrown in the same conversation.

Whether from lifting, playing contact sports, genetics or even just living a life full of bad postural habits, back pain is not a joke. As someone who has had a recurring spinal injury since I was a teen, I can say from firsthand experience that back pain (and all injuries) can be one of the most mentally and physically challenging setbacks anyone can go through in life, and even more when pursuing a training plan.

But spinal pain does not have to be debilitating like many health professionals often make it seem. Back pain absolutely has drawbacks and limitations, but there are many ways to overcome this pain and treat the root cause to eliminate the symptoms over time.

The key words here are… over time. Nothing happens overnight and especially not healing an injury or something causing you pain. During that time, there is no need to remain completely sedentary. It’s actually oftentimes advantageous to remain active during your treatment and healing process.

What better way to move than by performing one of the most foundational functional movements available? THE SQUAT. But, wait… how can you squat if you have back pain? That would just make it worse, right? Not so fast.


(originally featured on TeamBuildr)

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