Welcome to episode 18 of the Saved By The Barbell Podcast! This week’s show covers some personal updates from Justin & Kevin, plus some info on how you can avoid or bounce back from a burnout period in your life/career.


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0:00 – 10:00: Catching Up with Justin and Kevin

  • The optimism surrounding Houston sports.
  • Update on Justin’s surgery rehab.
  • Justin’s upcoming New York trip (with no wife and kids!).

10:00 – 56:00: How to Deal with Burnout

  • Kevin shares that he’s currently feeling burned out in his situation.
  • Everyone experiences burnout, even if they don’t show it.
  • Justin’s physical “rut” due to back surgery.
  • You only have a finite amount of “fucks” to give.
  • Kevin’s looming decision with his engineering career.
  • Why focusing on the results more than the process causes issues.
  • Transitioning from a “learning” phase to an “action” phase.
  • Side rant on fitness writers and trainers who don’t lift.
  • Avoiding jealousy and comparing yourself to others.
  • “Why not me?” instead of “why him?”
  • Looking at what others have accomplished as an opportunity.
  • How to fight self-doubt.
  • The road to mastery is a series of plateau.

56:00 – 1:07:00: Justin Announces His New Gym!

  • Justin will be opening his gym in Indianapolis on December 4th.
  • The long road to making this gym a reality.