Welcome to episode 24 of the Saved By The Barbell Podcast! This week we’re joined by Athletic Trainer and Powerlifter, Todd Sabol, to discuss his recent business ventures, the concept of “paying dues,” and his upcoming powerlifting meet!


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2:00 – 20:00: SportsMEDiscussion Ownership

  • How Todd got involved in the sports medicine workshop business
  • How Todd literally paid his dues and worked off his “ownership debt” for nearly 2 years
  • Todd’s history playing collegiate soccer while working as an athletic trainer and interning at a hospital, all while in school
  • Todd’s plans for the future including opening a private practice and modernizing his workshops

20:00 – 30:00: Writing, Filming, and Podcasting

  • Getting more efficient at creating content and spreading the message
  • Having patience on social media and establishing strong connections

30:00 – 44:00: Competing in Powerlifting at 148 lbs.

  • Todd’s current training and nutrition leading up to his next Powerlifting meet
  • Todd teases an upcoming project
  • The impact that a Power List has had on Todd

44:00 – 54:00: Fire Round

  • Todd answers a series of random questions including his first AOL screen name and the best piece of advice Cory Gregory ever gave him.