Welcome to episode 3 of the Saved By The Barbell Podcast! Stream below or skim over the show notes to get the scoop on what’s going down in today’s episode!


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0:00 – 8:00: Ben Boudro Bio

  • The impact concussions had on Ben’s collegiate wrestling career at Michigan State University.
  • Growing Xceleration Fitness (where Ben is the owner) from 0 to over 1,000 total clients and 350 members.
  • Why adversity is necessary to grow.

8:00 – 1:06:00: 9 Tips to Unleash Your Inner-Athlete

  • Learn from your losses, but expect to win.
  • Think of times when you were successful, and use them as anchors.
  • Follow a specific program.
  • Compete in something meaningful.
  • Write down your goals on paper.
  • Invest in recovery.
  • Wear Lululemon (just kidding…but seriously)
  • Use food as fuel.
  • Learn from successful people and model them.
  • Work with a partner or team.

1:06:00 – 1:12:00: The Lightning Round

  • Kevin and Justin take Ben through a series of hard hitting questions to reveal his true character.

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