On this episode, the guys discuss Kevin’s big decision to quit his job! After four years at his corporate gig, he finally said goodbye to the cubicle to pursue a full-time career in fitness. Kevin and Justin chat about the events that led to this moment, how it all went down, and Kevin’s immediate business plans.


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2:00 – 14:00: Kevin Quit His Job!

  • All of the emotions associated with leaving a “sure thing”.
  • Everybody gets nervous- even at the highest level.
  • Confidence doesn’t mean there’s an absence of nerves.
  • The unique position Kevin was in at his engineering job.
  • How his boss and co-workers reacted.
  • The importance of having friends who support your vision.

14:00 – 22:00: Kevin’s Immediate Business Plans

  • Scaling an online coaching business.
  • Dealing with a fluctuating income.
  • How Paradigm has supported Kevin’s personal brand.
  • Trying to build an in-person training clientele.

22:00 – End: Making the Jump

  • Why it’s crucial to lay groundwork before leaving your full-time job.
  • Fighting the urge to make a massive leap.
  • Dealing with moments of doubt.