This week, Justin and Kevin are sharing exercises that they previously did with clients and themselves, but have since stopped using.

As coaches, it’s essential to continue learning and evolving. As we do so, we may find that some of the methods we initially used aren’t the best options. Rather than be dogmatic and stubborn, we must admit our faults and adapt.

On this episode, Justin and Kevin discuss topics such as high rep plyometrics, stretching clients, and doing things because “that’s how it’s always been done.”


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3:00 – 50:00: Exercises We Used to Love, But Now We Hate

  • The issues with high-rep plyometrics.
  • The importance of vetting your resources and using good training information.
  • Moving away from the “That’s How We’ve Always Done It” culture.
  • Why coaches should know the “why” behind all of their programming.
  • Why “road work” is a potentially damaging aspect of fight culture.
  • How overuse is ruining youth athletics.
  • Why Kevin tends to stay within the 6-15 rep range for most clients.
  • Why Justin stopped stretching clients after workouts.