This week, Kevin and Justin welcome Jake Tuura on the show for an in-depth conversation on coaching athletes.

Jake is a Strength & Conditioning Coach at Youngstown State University in Youngstown, Ohio. He has held multiple positions in collegiate athletics, including an internship under Cal Dietz at Minnesota. Jake is also an expert contributor for top online fitness publications such as STACK and T Nation.

On this episode, the guys discuss fighting the “this is the way we’ve always done it” culture in coaching, challenging personal beliefs, and making programming more enjoyable for athletes. Jake also touches on RPR, Triphasic Training, and how he trains to be a Jacked Athlete.


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3:00 – 12:00: Jake Tuura Background & Bio

  • Jake shares some of his personal and professional experience in strength & conditioning over the past 9 years, including an internship under Cal Dietz at Minnesota.
  • Why Jake feels fortunate to not have an abundance of fitness technology at his current facility.
  • The importance of focusing on principles rather than methods.

12:00 – 33:00: How to Make Programming More Enjoyable for Athletes

  • How to properly respond to people who are looking for immediate results.
  • Why you can’t judge a coach or a program based on a single snippet of an exercise.
  • The importance of managing different personality types as a coach.
  • Why your resume means nothing without evidence-based results.

33:00 – 1:04:00: RPR, Point of Focus, and Training Environment

  • What RPR is and how it works.
  • How our bodies are capable of storing trauma.
  • The role that environment plays in recovery and performance.
  • Why inspiration is a greater motivator than anger.
  • Jake’s personal training beliefs and how he trains to be strong and athletic.

1:04:00 – 1:10:00: The Fire Round

  • Jake answers a series of random questions including the weirdest thing he’s done with his hair and one thing he would eat everyday if it had no effect on his health.