Welcome to episode 6 of the Saved By The Barbell Podcast! Stream below or skim over the show notes to get the scoop on what’s going down in today’s episode!


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0:00 – 5:00: Ohio Power Bodybuilder Association (OPBA)Co-Founders Zach Matheny & Tyler Tredway

  • Zach and Tyler share their background and how they got into lifting.

5:00 – 27:00: The Infamous 4 AM Crew

  • How the guys got involved in a group that trains at 4 AM daily at Old School Gym with Cory Gregory.
  • The value of good training partners.
  • The impact that Cory Gregory has had on them.
  • The crazy style of training in the 4 AM crew.
  • Lifting to get strong and ripped at the same time.

27:00 – 45:00: The Ohio Power Bodybuilding Association (OPBA)

  • Details about the competition including weight classes, elite powerlifting totals, and bodybuilding divisions.
  • Why combining old school aesthetics with raw strength is the holy grail of fitness.
  • How the competition is challenging misconceptions in the fitness world.
  • Advice to competitors and people who want to train for strength and looks.
  • Why the OPBA is ideal for ex-athletes.
  • The future of the OPBA.

45:00 – 51:00: The Lightning Round

  • Justin and Kevin ask Zach and Tyler a series of rapid-fire questions including: favorite lifting hype song, favorite emoji, and favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor.


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