Welcome to episode 7 of the Saved By The Barbell Podcast! Stream below or skim over the show notes to get the scoop on what’s going down in today’s episode!


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2:00 – 33:00: Recap of Kevin’s First Men’s Physique Competition

  • Kevin’s experience competing in the NPC Lee Labrada Classic.
  • Why he chose to compete in this particular show.
  • Competing as a drug-free athlete in an untested federation.
  • His reaction to finishing third in his class and earning a national qualification.
  • Lessons learned from competing including the value of delayed gratification and the importance of a good coach and supporting cast.
  • A rant on coaches who constantly post Instagram infographics.

33:00 – 57:00: Recap of Justin’s 3-on-3 Streetball Tournament

  • Justin’s experience competing in the Gus Macker Basketball Tournament.
  • The level of competition at an international streetball tournament.
  • The emotional roller coaster going from hitting a game winner to losing on free throws.
  • The role that confidence (and cockiness) played in his disappointing finish.
  • Why preparation is the key component to success in competitions.
  • How to react according to your expectations.

57:00 – 59:00: Why You NEED to Compete

  • Break out of a rut by signing up for a competition.
  • Our plea for you to compete!

59:00 – 1:02:00: This or That

  • Kevin and Justin take turns asking “This or That” for a variety of topics including Stephen A. Smith or Skip Bayless, Lebron or Jordan, and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy or Late Registration.