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5 Reason Why You Shouldn’t Be Working With Elite Athletes

Written By: Mike Nelson

Published By: DrJohnRusin.com

One Sentence Summary: Training elite athletes sounds glorious, but it may not be the most optimal move for your career.

Favorite Quote: Training elite humans is more akin to driving a Corvette. You ask them to do a movement, and most times they are going to be pretty darn good at it.   Ask the average large mammal at Planet Fitness to squat. Once you clean the battery acid out of your eyes that you tossed in to save your last 4 neurons from Hebb’s Law right before they got to 10 inches above parallel and their knees kissed each other, you have some work to do.

Here’s a really quick tutorial video I came across on Instagram and thought it was a great tip! Cory Gregory shows a nice twist on a classic Triceps exercise that will surely wreck those horseshoes.

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Physical Preparation Podcast

Title: Trevor Rappa & Greg Spatz on Streamlining Rehab & Performance

Host: Mike Robertson

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Yes, you're going to get a few stares and head shakes in the gym. But you're not the sort to be bothered by that, right? Although the principle of direct band loading is similar for squats, deadlifts, and lunges, performing deadlifts in this manner provides another unique benefit by teaching proper hip position. When performing deadlifts, many lifters make the mistake of bending over too much from their waist and not setting their hips and lower body in the proper position. In addition, many athletes will allow the hips to shoot up at the beginning of the pull which not only deloads the lower body but places undue strain on the spine. Using direct band loading to the hips essentially pulls the lifter into the proper starting position for the deadlift. In addition, this direct loading ensures the lifter doesn’t shoot the hips up too soon as they’ll be punished with excessive tension from the bands. Simply put this direct band-loading method teaches the lifter how to drive with their hips and legs during deadlifts rather than relying on their back. For more on direct loading with bands, check out my full length article: https://www.advancedhumanperformance.com/blog/the-squat-deadlift-trick-to-save-your-back-crush-your-legs Live well, train hard. #bandtension #directloading #deadlifts #bandloading #squats #lunges #hipposition #hipmechanics #setthehips #lowerbody #hipshootup #pull #deload #spinalstrain #pulledintoplace #teachingtool #drivewiththehips #legdrive #AHP #drjoelseedman

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Kevin Warren

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Kevin is not only the co-host of my podcast, but he’s also a great friend and a really awesome dude you should get to know. I partially stole my new Weekly Roundup format from him, so it’s only right I make him the first person to follow!

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The bonus round won’t happen every week, but usually I’ll use this section to highlight some things going on in MY world. Lucky for you, I actually had quite the productive week 🙂


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