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Moving the Needle: Keys to Personal and Professional Growth in Strength and Conditioning

Written By: Brett Bartholomew

Published By: SimpliFaster.com

One Sentence Summary: A comprehensive look at defining professional growth and how to achieve it within the field of strength & conditioning.

Favorite Passage:

Coaches want a change. Some may not openly admit it, some may reserve their admission for when they’re behind closed doors, and some may fight it before they finally submit or join. But over the past 5-10 years, the chatter has increased. And while the tone is not always deafeningly audible, when the words are right and the mission is clear, a whisper can be louder than a roar.

This is elucidated not only by the numerous conversations you can easily overhear or observe while at clinics and conferences, and on message boards and the like, but also through the reception of direct responses themselves. Recently, I collaborated with a third-party research firm I am also working with for a future project. We sent a survey to fellow strength and conditioning coaches to learn more about their pain points, fears, annoyances, daily schedule, professional aspirations, and the like. More than 1,500 responded in a little over 48 hours.

Fifteen hundred! That’s more than two times the estimated number of workers who initially helped build the Brooklyn Bridge during the late 1800s.

All answers were 100% anonymous and none of the questions (aside from asking their gender) forced a choice, as we wanted to give coaches free reign to share their thoughts and experiences.

These were just some of the common themes:

  • Not wanting to find themselves or their families “stuck” in a cycle of low-paying jobs with little to no job security or no opportunity for advancement.
  • Gender inequality as it pertains to opportunities for female strength coaches.
  • Not having the opportunity to have their work recognized. Not for pride purposes, but rather because they value and respect the craft and simply want to connect with others who are like-minded.
  • Coaches in various team settings (collegiate and professional), feeling as if they aren’t allowed to make the difference that they could be making.
  • Coaches in the private sector tired of not being respected or seen as “true strength coaches” despite working with diverse groups of athletes year-round.
  • Fear among coaches in general that they will have to choose another vocation in order to provide for their families.
  • Fear of being viewed as a “sell-out” or fired if they do get more involved or become more visible within the industry.

This isn’t fitness related, but the takeaway can be applied to absolutely anything. Watch the video of Tony Romo making his play-by-play commentary debut in last week’s NFL week 1. Listen to him. It’s amazing. The complete mastery and knowledge of the game he displayed is jaw-dropping and really drives home the point of how freaking intelligent you have to be to be a pro QB. And he did it, on the field, for 14 years.

My takeaway is that if you want to be successful (at anything) you need to dive in, face first and immerse yourself in it. You need to eat, sleep and breathe your passion and become obsessed. You can tell Tony Romo approached his playing career in this manner. And you can hear it when he speaks because reading defenses, calling plays and adjusting to the game is literally as easy for him as breathing is – whether he’s on or off the field.

Edge Factor Radio

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I’m a huge fan of the Reverse Band Technique – or utilizing resistance bands to assist a lift rather than resist it. John Rusin dropped a killer article on the subject if you’re interested in learning the WHY behind this method.

Ben Boudro

When you talk about someone who is truly crushing it – hustling – providing for his family – Ben Boudro comes to mind. He’s a husband, dad, gym owner and writer who spreads positive vibes and good energy in every piece of content he puts out there. Ben is a former podcast guest and a guy who I definitely have a huge amount of respect for. Get to know him!

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