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Written By: Tony Gentilcore

Published By: Tony Gentilcore

One Sentence Summary: This article will help you find out if and when a deload week is appropriate for you… and it will make you laugh.

Favorite Passage:

Broadly speaking deload weeks are widely accepted as most “relevant” for a few demographics:

  • Professional or elite-level athletes (<— probably not you).
  • Advanced or “strong as shit” lifters (<— probably not you).
  • Jason Bourne (<— probably not you. But if so, can we hang out?).
  • Those who are often injured (<— might be you).

If you’re a competitive athlete with an in and off-season and your livelihood relies on your ability to perform at high level or you’re someone who’s strong AF, it’s likely you’ll benefit from a healthy diet of deload weeks.

On the other hand, if you’re Dale from accounting and you spent two weeks on 5/3/1 or, I don’t know, took a CrossFit class two days in a row, relax, you don’t need a deload week.

We are in the heart of football season and STACK recently published a really timely & useful tip for treating one of the most common low-level football injuries… A Stinger!

A stinger can really cause an immense amount of pain in the head, neck and upper extremities in a short amount of time. Matt Stevens, of Pure Physio, delivers some helpful tips in this video for getting yourself out of pain and restoring function after a stinger.

Industrial Strength Podcast

Title: Paul “The Wolf” Reddick Solves Your Business Problems

Host: Joe DeFranco

Stream Below:

ALL GAIN, NO PAIN: The Over-40 Man's Comeback Guide to Rebuild Your Body After Pain, Injury, or Physical Therapy by [Hartman, Bill]Bill Hartman recently released his book, All Gain, No Pain, via Amazon and I would highly suggest it! The cover says The Over-40 Man’s Comeback Guide but I would recommend this to anyone, any age or gender currently living or training in pain. Or… anyone who is simply interested in learning from one of the industry leaders.

Bill’s approach is completely unique and the book is full of useful info on training, nutrition, stress management, brain function and other myth-busting fitness knowledge bombs.

Skip your trip to Starbucks this morning and use that $1.99 (although I know you spend more at Starbucks) to purchase this book here!

Mitch Gill

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, tree, grass, outdoor and natureMitch is a guy that I’ve become friends with thanks to the good ol’ internet. We’re both husbands, fathers and dudes who love sports & lifting.

He’s the Head Athletic Trainer at Dacula High School in the Atlanta, GA area and also has a role in their Strength & Conditioning program as well.

Follow Mitch for awesome strength info with a medical mind behind the message. As an Athletic Trainer, he’s always looking for the smartest ways to train to enhance performance and minimize injury risk, which is a great approach to have!

Hit him up on his website, Facebook or Instagram!

The bonus round won’t happen every week, but usually I’ll use this section to highlight some things going on in MY world. Here’s what went down this week…


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