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The 5 Different Kinds of Body Fat

Written By: TC Luoma

Published By: T-Nation

One Sentence Summary: A really great overview of the different kinds of body fat, how they effect your body and how to manage them.

Favorite Passage:

Humans have white fat and brown fat. Both types store energy, but white fat cells each contain only one droplet of fat, while brown fat contains lots of tiny droplets of fat. Brown fat also contains tons of the brownish cellular organelles known as mitochondria, which use the droplets of fat to create energy and, as a byproduct of creating energy, heat.

Check out John Rusin’s Squat From Pins demo below, along with a great article on who/what/when/where/why/how!

Health N’ Hustle Podcast

Title: Training vs. Working Out, Ignoring Your Competition & More!

Host: Cory Carpenter and Todd Sabol (ft. Kevin Warren)

Stream Below:

Two words… well, maybe one. Idk. PULL. UPS.

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Eric Allen

Here’s a guy that you need to get to know… MY BUSINESS PARTNER, Eric Allen! Eric is a great friend, father, husband, athlete and trainer who I will get to annoy on a daily basis for the foreseeable future because we’re opening a gym together this winter.

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