One of the major positives (among a LOT of negatives) about my back injury was that it sidelined me from doing many “essential” lifts due to pain or inability to perform the motion. Why is this good? Because it forced me to realize that:

  1. You don’t train exercises, you train MOVEMENTS
  2. You can creatively find ways to make MOVEMENTS work for you

Here’s a great example of a variation of a highly advanced Olympic lift being regressed down to the bare minimum to reap the benefits.

This is a deconstructed Split Jerk using a prowler. Instead of an overhead press, we’re pressing horizontally. Instead of a barbell, we’re using the prowler.

This variation allows you to create explosive pressing with hp separation and stability, just like the jerk does. The only difference? It’s safer and easier to perform/coach. You can use this to progress into true overhead power work and truly get stronger in these position along the way!