I don’t know who started it, but this whole chaos technique movement is amazing. For those who aren’t familiar, the chaos technique involves using a band or bands to add an element of extreme instability to an exercise. This instability is always functional, and not the functional that requires a Bosu Ball. I mean truly functional, as in it serves a purpose and can be easily explained as to why that source of instability was added to the exercise.

Some examples you make have sen include:

  • Chaos Push-Ups
  • Chaos Farmer’s Walks
  • Chaos Pull-Ups
  • Chaos Squats

In this variation of the classic Skullcrusher, we’re replacing TRX straps and dumbbells with a band. And it’s chaotic. It’s you versus your body weight and the unstable nature of the band.

Why? Let me explain. But first, let’s backtrack.

The basic version of this exercise is performed with an EZ Bar or dumbbells, right? Classic bro exercise. You lay on your back, press the weight overhead, flex and extend at the elbow join and repeat until your triceps feel like they’re going to explode. That’s a great way to work the tri’s, but you can take it up a notch. Not a lot of bang for your buck there, in my opinion.

So, we work in the core with an advanced variation using TRX suspension training. Now you’re working your triceps, still, but at the same making it a multi-purpose movement. This is a great move as well, but as you get stronger you will run into a road block. You can only adjust your body and foot placement to make it harder until a certain point where it just becomes way to stressful on the elbow. The exercise takes away more than it gives. That is when you would employ this chaotic version.

In this variation, the core and triceps are still being worked extremely hard but now there’s much more. Your hand placement is no longer on a handle, it’s on the unstable band. We’re able to work the tiny stabilizers of the wrists, elbows and shoulder joints. This is going to help provide those joints with enhanced stability which is huge for the carryover effect this exercise can have on bigger lifts like the bench or military press.

Secondarily, this will have a great effect on grip strength and coordination as it’s going to take vast amounts of both characteristics to complete a set of these. You must maintain full control, eliminate all forms of compensation and cheating and truly own the movement.

Lastly, this is a fun and new challenge. You may not have tried these before and it’s a great way to take a classic exercise to the next level not only to give you a better training effect, but to also make your session that much more enjoyable.

Give these a try and you’ll immediately feel the difference!