Take your core for a spin – ha! What a corny title. Whatever.

Bottom line: You should do these. This is a twist on the Stability Ball Around the World (stir the pot), which is one of my favorite and highly effective core exercises.

To perform these, you want to adjust the TRX straps to be about mid-shin height off the ground. Place your feet in the foot cradles with your toes down and come out to a standard elbow plank position.

Once you’re in a solid plank, you can press your elbows and forearms into the ground to create a rotational force and propel your body in a small circle. Make sure your body stays in a plank position. Instead of the surface moving below you, like in the stability ball version, your body is moving on an axis.

This is going to activate your entire core and challenge your body in similar, but more intense ways. Start with 8-10 reps in each directions and then progress to doing time-based workloads. You’re going to love this variation!