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The Problem?

You aren’t getting an optimal training effect from your farmers walks. This sucks because loaded carries are one of the greatest exercises anyone can do. So, why aren’t you experiencing the full benefits of the carry? Well, because you aren’t actually carrying the weight. Many people have a habit of letting the DB tilt forward when fatigue sets in. When this happens, your grip becomes off-centered and you are no holding about 50% of the weight while the other 50% is yanking down on your wrist.

What’s the Big Deal?

There are three major issues with this out of position hand/wrist/grip described and shown above.

  1. Your wrist is in an awkward and unfavorable position under a significant amount of load. Injuries can and probably will occur here.
  2. You aren’t getting the most out of the exercise because the weight isn’t fully supported with proper grip mechanics. Essentially, you are wasting your time and energy.
  3. This usually happens due to fatigue, creating a patterned compensation that could lead to other breakdowns of technique with other exercises.

The Solution?

The solution is simple. If you catch yourself doing this, simply stop and re-grip. Taking 1-2 seconds to fix your mechanics (on any exercises) is well worth the time and always a better option than trying to stick it out with poor form.