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The Problem?

You can’t seem to find a great grip width on your deadlift. And the constant altering of your grip isn’t helping you create a deadlift routine. Now you stink at deadlifts. WOMP!

What’s the Big Deal?

This is a massive deal! Everyone wants to be a great deadlifter relative to their experience and fitness level. Right? The deadlift, in my opinion, is the king of all exercises. It’s a loaded hip hinge, which is a foundational movement, that provides total body strength, power and hypertrophy. This is arguable the largest bang for your buck you will ever get in the gym.

The Solution?

Check out the video above for a really quick tip on how to find your traditional stance deadlift hand placement. All you need are two thumbs. And if you don’t have both thumbs, and you’re still deadlifting… you are my hero and I want to buy you lunch.