It’s time for another weekly installment of The Weekly Roundup: The Things That Didn’t Suck.  Each week I’ll feature 3 awesome articles that I read during the week that I feel everyone can benefit from, then some random highlights and lowlights from the week for some extra news. Each week you can expect to get quick access to impactful info and learn something new. A lot of stuff on the web just sucks – but not this stuff!

Top Articles

Your PR Isn’t That Important

Written By: Lee Boyce

Published By: T-Nation

Read Here

The Smarter Alternative to Ineffective Unstable Surface Training

Written By: Meghan Callaway

Published By:

Read Here

The Paradox of Behavior Change

Written by: James Clear

Published by:

Read Here

Random Stuff

Worst Things of the Week:

    1. New England won the Super Bowl and I lost money. I’ll leave it at that.
    2. It seems like having your training partners kick and punch you in the abs while you do squats, deadlifts or crunches is the new craze. Have you seen these videos? What the hell…

Best Things of the Week:

  1. I randomly found this article that I wrote 2 years ago and never published… You want to change your life? Read it here.
  2. Also, I penned two new articles for STACK. Read how to build lateral strength and explosiveness here and  how I like to teach the World’s Greatest Stretch here!
  3. There is absolutely nothing funnier than the spaz-master himself, Russell Westbrook, down by 18-points jawing back & forth with Kevin Durant.