It’s time for another weekly installment of The Weekly Roundup: The Things That Didn’t Suck.  Each week I’ll feature 3 awesome articles that I read during the week that I feel everyone can benefit from, then some random highlights and lowlights from the week for some extra news. Each week you can expect to get quick access to impactful info and learn something new. A lot of stuff on the web just sucks – but not this stuff!

Top Articles

Dr. Rusin’s Pulling Law + 10 Back Training Tips by Thib

Written By: Christian Thibaudeau, John Rusin

Published By: Thib Army

Read Here

Let’s Be Honest – The Body You’re Going For Doesn’t Exist

Written By: Lee Boyce

Published By: Lee Boyce

Read Here

The 2017 Hater’s Guide to The Oscars

Written by: Drew Magary

Published by: Deadspin, The Concourse

Read Here

Random Stuff

Worst Things of the Week:

      1. I missed my first episode of The Friday Fix… I’d like to sincerely apologize to the handful of people who actually watch my videos… I will be back in action this week.
      2. The Pacers didn’t trade Paul George. Great. Now we’ll lose him in free agency and get absolutely nothing in return. Then, continue on our quest to achieve consistent NBA mediocrity. Is this how Chicago Bears fans feel?
      3. Crazy story of the week: Yesterday I was driving into work, going the speed limit and jamming to some 90’s Ice Cube. The next thing I know, I’m being pulled over with no legitimate idea of why. Long-story-short: I was driving on expired plates! Like… way expired. It turns out that back in August when I renewed Catherine’s plates, I thought I was renewing both but only one of our cars got renewed (I did it online). So… my plates were so expired that they had to tow my car on the spot. Then I got a ride home in the back of a cop car. The look on Catherine’s face when I pulled up and got out of the back was so worth the $400 that I will drop to get this shitstorm cleaned up. I feel like an idiot, but at least Catherine’s got renewed. If this happened to her at this stage of her pregnancy…. no comment.

Best Things of the Week:

    1. Last week I announced that I will be leaving 1 & Only Fitness at the end of February and continuing my training career independently. Read up on my master plan
    2. To drive that point home… TRAIN WITH ME HERE.
    3. It was like 60-70 degrees all week… let’s keep that going, Mother Nature.