It’s time for another weekly installment of The Weekly Roundup: The Things That Didn’t Suck.  Each week I’ll feature 3 awesome articles that I read during the week that I feel everyone can benefit from, then some random highlights and lowlights from the week for some extra news. Each week you can expect to get quick access to impactful info and learn something new. A lot of stuff on the web just sucks – but not this stuff! Want on the list? Submit your best stuff to!

Top Articles

How to Build Muscle & Strength in Any Rep Range

Written By: John Rusin

Published By:

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The Yoak Training System: A Review and Analysis

Written By: Joel Seedman

Published By: Advanced Human Performance

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There Is No Written Rule That You MUST Deadlift From the Floor

Written by: Meghan Callaway

Published by: Meghan Callaway

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Random Stuff

Worst Things of the Week:

  1. My Lumbar Spine actually snapped watching this. This is not THAT bad, but it just really hurts to watch. It’s a bit of overkill on the leg drive, back arch… but DAMN. Seems kinda strong though……………….

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2. This… I will not allow in my gym at any point of my career. Completely pointless training style, IMO. Dudes are jacked though……………..

Best Things of the Week:

    1. My new program has LAUNCHED!!! MTC is a fitness program for young professionals in their twenties who are looking to get in peak physical condition on the budget of a twenty-something year old trying to figure out LIFE. I am so pumped to bring this to my community and more importantly, my generation. Check out MTC and what this movement is all about here.
    2. I want to hear what the best parts of YOUR week were! Shoot me an email and tell me something good like Rufus & Chaka Khan!