This is going to take your RDL to the next level. The Snatch Grip Scrape the Rack RDL is a mouth-full, but it’s totally worth the 12 seconds it takes to pronounce the title of the lift.

We’re taking a classic and essential movement, the RDL, and adding a twist to it. In this version, you’re going to widen your grip to further engage the musculature of the back and test your grip strength. Lastly, we’re actively pulling the barbell into the body against an immovable object (the rack) to increase total body tension throughout the entire movement.

The results? A grip stronger than an alligator’s jaw. Lats wider than a cobra’s head. And hamstrings that look and perform insanely awesome. By the way… the alligator and cobra thing… just for the hell of it. Wild animals and fitness really just mesh well?

Anyway. Try these!