It’s time for another weekly installment of The Weekly Roundup: The Things That Didn’t Suck.  Each week I’ll feature 3 awesome articles that I read during the week that I feel everyone can benefit from, then some random highlights and lowlights from the week for some extra news. Each week you can expect to get quick access to impactful info and learn something new. A lot of stuff on the web just sucks – but not this stuff! Want on the list? Submit your best stuff to!

Top Articles

Partial-Range Reps: Not Always Cheating

Sneak Peek:

Written By: Nick Tumminello

Published By: T-Nation

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Career Tip: Stop Worrying About These 10 Questions

Sneak Peek:

Question 5. How do I build my network?

I don’t like this question because of how matter-of-fact business-like it sounds. People do business with and support those whom they like. The word “networking” implies “If I do this for you, you’ll do something for me” and that’s not how the world works.

Written By: Jonathan Goodman

Published By: The PTDC

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The 12 Best Ways to Build Shoulders

Sneak Peek:

Written by: Mark Dugdale, Amit Sapir, Christian Thibaudeau, Chris Shugart, Michael Warren, Tony Gentilcore, Grove Higgins, Eric Bach, Paul Carter, Eric Cressey, Joel Seedman & Bret Contreras

Published by: T-Nation

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In Case You Missed It

The Friday Fix:

This week’s episode was simple and straight to the point. It’s all about recovery. Get the scoop here.

Exercise of the Week:

The Half-Kneeling Single Arm Downward Chop doesn’t look like much, but it certainly will help you build up a rock solid back, healthy shoulders and a resilient core. Here’s how you do it.

Tweet of the Week:

WTF of the Week:

This guy is over here squatting cars….. so, yeah, there’s that.

Car squats @alphasportz

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