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Top Articles

Are You Strong Enough To Run?

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Strength has more to do with running than you think, and it doesn’t just stop at the legs.  Think of running as a full body exercise, where all your muscles are coordinated to fire to ensure you absorb the forces appropriately.  And if there is a weak link in the chain, you can bet that your body will find it, and expose it.

Written By: Chris Cooper

Published By: AMP Training

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What To Do When You Eat Healthy But Can’t Lose Weight

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healthier doesn't necessarily mean better

Some argue the Justin’s option is “better for you,” but the calories are the same. Don’t let marketing or nutrition gurus fool you into believing the “healthier” version will help you lose fat and improve your health. Even though you may be eating better-for-you foods with the “healthier” options, calories matter when weight loss is the goal.

Written By: Nia Shanks

Published By: Nia Shanks

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The 6-Second Trick For A Bigger Bench Press

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Pulling down on the bar will result in a maximal static contraction of the antagonist muscles of the bench press. Remember, antagonist muscles are the muscles with the opposite function than the target muscle. In this case, we’re about to press, so we use a pull for the static contraction. This is called the “antagonist pre-contraction” method.

Research has found that a brief, maximal voluntary contraction of the antagonists immediately prior to a movement increases the force production of the agonists.

Written by: Christian Thibaudeau

Published by: T-Nation

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In Case You Missed It

The Friday Fix:

This week’s Friday Fix is going to teach you how to properly prep your meals for the week to maximize your results right down to the most minuscule details! See how an easy tip can change your nutritional efficiency here!

Exercise of the Week:

If you want a fresh twist on a classic core exercise, look no further. The Half-Kneeling Cable Chop with Knee Lift is a great way to build your base of stability and balance through strength development. Check out how to do it here.

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WTF of the Week:

Okay, I hate to discuss ANYTHING political on here… but this is funny. What a week for PR execs…

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