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Top Articles

How to Improve Your Time Management

Sneak Peek:

A great lesson I learned a long time ago is you don’t get paid for almost done. You only get paid when something is finished and put out there. For every great idea you’ve ever had, but failed to act on, you owe it to yourself as well as those whose lives would be irrevocably better for you finishing the job you set out to do. It may never be perfect, but that’s were the “Update” button, or a new version or a re-release comes in. If you find ways to make it better, fix it up and re-release it either as a new product, article, or revamp of an old one that you can distribute for free to those who got the first one or looked at it. It goes further than simply waiting for the perfect whatever to be completed, because it will never be perfect.

Written By:Dean Somerset

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2-KB Front Squat: A Simple Looking Exercise That’s Anything But

Sneak Peek:

It humbles people. Even large humans who can seemingly squat Ohio will find this variation challenging. It doesn’t take much. Two, 24 kg bells will make many huddle in the corner sucking their thumb.

Written By: Tony Gentilcore

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Kneeling Olympic Lifts for Speed, Power and Performance

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Many lifter focus too much on trying to jump when performing Olympic lifts rather than emphasizing hip extension. In fact, trying to implement an exaggerated jump and stomp, as is commonly employed by many coaches, is one of the worst cues you can implement when performing Olympic lifts, as it minimizes force output and hip extension. The kneeling variations help to eliminate this as the only way the barbell will drive into the catch position is by using the hips, not by jumping

Written by: Joel Seedman

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In Case You Missed It

Summer Strength Series:

A few weeks ago, I opened registration for an exclusive training group for high school athletes and currently have ONE open spot remaining! If you’re a HS athlete reading this, or a parent of one, check out what we’ve got planned for this program and let’s get your son/daughter registered today.

The Friday Fix:

I didn’t gt a chance to write much this week, but I did get the #FridayFix episode up! If you missed it, here’s the 15th installment of the Friday Fix, focusing on your squat form!

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