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A Powerful New Way to Squat

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Even if you can squat a lot of weight, you probably have technique issues. Most people have poor squat mechanics, often doing something that resembles a good morning more than a squat.

Their hips shoot up first out of the hole (from the bottom) making their torso bend forward, which overloads the back more than the legs. Some lifters also shift their bodyweight to one side or twist their hips. Then there’s the problem of “squatting soft.” Many lifters unrack the bar and then fail to create whole body tension.

Written By: Christian Thibaudeau

Published By: T-Nation

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4 Simple Things Every Team Wants From Their Leader

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While it can be difficult to become a great leader and to achieve great things, practicing great leadership is actually quite easy. There is a tendency to overcomplicate or overthink what leadership is, but actually, leadership can be very simple. I have worked with teams all over the world, from dozens of cultures, and from different generations, Baby Boomers to Millennials, and I have found that if you provide these four simple things your team will appreciate you, follow you, and achieve great results.

Written By: Gordon Tredgold

Published By: Inc.

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Lateral Hip Shift During a Squat: What’s Going On and What to Do About It

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So if you have a lateral shift occurring with your squat, try adjusting your foot position to see if it can help reduce it (turn the toe out on the side you’re shifting towards). If that cleans things up very well, cool, but if not, you’re not out anything. From there, move on to working on the strengthening and corrective options to help build up hip external rotation strength, foot and ankle motion or alignment, or whatever else may need to be worked on. If those aren’t working, it could be a technique element you need to address, such as arch strength and lateral motion control of the foot during the movement.

Written by: Dean Somerset

Published by:

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BONUS: Lateral Hip Shift During a Squat: What’s Going On and What to Do About It

Disclaimer: This is an amazing article that is super in-depth and makes complete sense when it comes to the why behind each of these applications. That being said, I don’t have access to a slider board. I have not tried any of these on myself or clients. I normally wouldn’t co-sign an exercise or theory that I haven’t had experience with, but this article is so thorough and so damn good that I had to share. Plus, it’s Joel Seedman, and he has never steered me in the wrong direction!

Sneak Peek:

Reinforces a proper 90 degree/parallel squat.  If you routinely follow my posts you’ll know I’m not a fan of squatting below parallel (read more about proper squat mechanics here).  The slide board makes it nearly impossible to perform squats in excess of the 90 degree or parallel position as the feet will continue to slide out more and more until it feels as though the lifter is going to do splits.  Proper depth, incorporating ideal hip hinge mechanics on the squat, is rewarded on the slide board as the individual is able to channel every bit of force and weight completely vertically into the floor with no wasted lateral or diagonal force vectors.

Written by: Joel Seedman

Published by:

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In Case You Missed It

Prowler Bear Crawls:

No matter who you are or what your goals are, there is a strong case for adding Bear Crawls into your programming! Athletes, average joes and everything in between could benefit from this simple & effective staple exercise. Here’s a look at my favorite crawl variation, and why you should do it!

From The Archives:

You don’t have to break the bank to become a beast. There seems to be a common misconception that optimally fueling your body is inordinately expensive. Eating healthy can be affordable and extremely simple.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Be industrious and frugal, and you will be rich.” The man is on the hundred dollar bill, so his financial advice is good enough for me. You don’t need to overspend on cleverly marketed health foods, which may not even work for you. All you need is hard work in the gym and these three muscle-building meals, each one costing under 3 bucks!

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Physics… gravity… science… all of that happening here.

When the test is nothing like the study guide. (via @maddie_plummer)

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A Moment of Selfishness

I’ll make this quick, I promise. I’ve got a lot of things moving right now and would hate for you to miss out on something that could potentially be of assistance to you! Here is a brief list of some of the program I have going on right now or in the near future. If you’re not local (Indianapolis), you can skip this 🙁

1. Millennial Training Club – A training program designed specifically for young adults. I am looking out for my fellow twenty somethings here with an ultra-affordable, ass-kicking 8-week program that will kickstart you towards your fitness goals without the gimmicks of the typical boot camp or large group fitness class.

We don’t do Burpees. We don’t do Mountain Climbers. We don’t do Crunches or Flutter Kicks. We Deadlift, Bench Press, Squat and walk around carrying heavy objects.

By request of the current session, I’ll be running this year around so if you want to jump in, here’s some baseline info.

2. Summer Strength Series – 2 spots remain

An exclusive small group training camp for high school athletes looking to bring their game to the next level. With individual assessments and programming, we’re going to pinpoint and attack all weaknesses and develop true athleticism and strength gains. For more info, visit here.

3. College Prep Strength Camp – EARLY BIRD PRICING STILL OPEN // 3 spots remain

This program is for graduating high school athletes who will play in college next year. I’ll be working with your college coaches on implementing your university’s S&C programs with you over the summer so you arrive at school the most prepared freshman on the team. For more info, visit here.

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