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The Future of Healthcare? NOT Needing It

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The optimal solution is we all stay healthy. We all exercise daily, eat a balanced diet and reduce our stress levels. Unfortunately, that’s not realistic. Life happens. We make do because we have to.

Next best option? Get rid of the complexity and reduce costs. Let’s use the pulled muscle example again.

This is how it typically works. You pull your muscle. Your back is hurting. What do you do? Call your primary care physician? Wait days, if not weeks, to get in. You finally go in and get a prescription for something that doesn’t address the root problem, but only reactively addresses the physical symptoms instead.

Written By: Dr. Gene Shirokobrod and Dr. Ryan Smith

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Nonstop Natural Gains: The Neuro Typing System

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The nervous system is responsible for the recruitment of muscle fibers, determining how many fibers you can stimulate to grow. It’s also responsible for coordination and performance on the big lifts.

You knew that, but here’s something you may not know: your nervous system is also the control center of motivation. It even plays a huge role in your response to stress, and in how much energy, focus, and work capacity you have in a workout session.

The key to training success is simply this: train hard in a focused way. You can’t do that, at least not for long, if you’re not motivated by your program. And to be motivated by your program it has to fit your neurological profile. Training to take advantage of your neurological nature will also make you feel better overall and you’ll become more productive in other parts of your life.


Part 1 – Nonstop Natural Gains: The Neuro Typing System

Part 2 – Unlock Natural Gains: Neuro Type 1

Part 3 – Double Your Natural Gains: Neuro Type 2

Part 4 – Never-Ending Natural Gains: Neuro Type 3

Part 5 – The Neuro Type Workouts

Written By: Christian Thibaudeau

Published By: T-Nation

High School Athletes Need More Strength & Less Skill

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Most athletes, and especially high school athletes, would benefit from more strength compared to skill work. Want to be faster? Throw harder? Jump higher? Get stronger. Want to prevent injury? Get stronger. This is something that everyone in high school athletics needs to learn. Please share this with high school athletes, their parents, and their coaches.

Written by:Mitch Gill

Published by:

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5 Non-Existent Training Rules People Still Follow:

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For 3 Prowler Exercises to Build Athleticism

Sick of sled sprints but love the intensity of your workouts when you incorporate a prowler? Here are three uncommon and highly effective moves you can use to bring out that inner athlete.

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