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The Most Dangerous Exercise

Sneak Peek:

The kettlebell swing.

It’s the exercise most people screw up. Whenever someone comes to me saying how much swings hurt his or her back, almost inevitably, I’ll have a Dan John moment. (Dan often tells a similar story, albeit replace squats for swings.)

  1. Someone tells me swings hurt their back.
  2. I ask that person to show me their swing.
  3. My eyes bleed.
  4. I inform them that swings don’t hurt their back, but that what THEY’RE doing is hurting their back.

Most people squat their swing rather than making it a “hip snap.” The bell should never drop below knee level. Ever. When it does, you’re increasing the arc of the swing and placing more stress on the lower back.

Written By: TC Luoma, Tony Gentilcore, Bret Contreras, Paul Carter, Mark Dugdale, Dan John, Christian Thibaudeau, John Rusin, Chad Waterbury, Lee Boyce, Bronwen Blunt, John Romano & Jake Tuura

Published By: T-Nation

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Kettlebell Styles: Hardstyle, Sport, CrossFit & Juggling

Sneak Peek:

I asked Pat Flynn, certified RKC, how this explosive effort feels, and he said “When doing the swing, you should feel as if you’re delivering a punch with your crotch: Wind the hips up, and pop!”

In the grinds, high tension is employed as a deliberate device to increase strength. For example, the phenomenon of “irradiation” is used, where tensing one part of the body is supposed to radiate strength into adjacent parts.9 Applying this to the military press, you might choose to squeeze your free hand into a fist in order to push through sticking points in the lift.

Written By: Paul

Published By: Personal Trainers London

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Strength Coaches: Stop Competing and Start Collaborating

Sneak Peek:

Alas, in any industry, there’s going to be competition. And don’t get me wrong, I’m all for competition. It ensures none of us get complacent and do a half ass job as coaches. We’re propelled to learn, get better, and perfect our crafts daily. We’re pushed to train our athletes with experience and evidence based research, all while growing our biceps even larger. So yeah, competition does ooze personal growth and evolution.

Written by: Erica Suter

Published by:

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In Case You Missed It:

Ball Squeeze Dead Bugs: Boring but Brutal

If you’re looking for a great, low-impact core exercise… The Dead Bug may be the king. This exercise may have a goofy name, but the immediate impact it can make on your performance, posture, pain and strength is no laughing matter. Here’s a new variation for you to try!

Baby Update:

As you  may have noticed, this was a short and sweet weekly roundup… my time is pretty limited right now as we are literally hours away from welcoming our son, Mason, to the world! I just wanted to make sure I got this posted before it was too late! I’ll be back in action full force, as a father of TWO, next time you hear from me!

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