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Strength & Size with Hanging Band Trap Bar Exercises

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Written By: Joel Seedman

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10 Reasons Why You Aren’t Excelling at Pull-Ups

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The pull-up is one of the most beneficial, empowering, and badass exercises you can do. This versatile exercise can be performed anywhere, anytime. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the population cannot perform even a single pull-up. I don’t hesitate to say that in most instances, your inability to master the pull-up is not because you are physically incapable, but your lack of success is because you are not training for the exercise (or are being coached) the right way. I am here to help.

​Here are 10 reasons why you might be struggling to perform pull-ups:

Reason #1 – You Are Treating The Pull-Up Purely As An Upper Body Movement

When many people set the awesome goal of being able to do one pull-up, or many, they make the mistake of just training their upper body. Let me be clear, when the pull-up is being executed to perfection, it is actually a full body exercise, and your entire body must be strong, stable, and working as a synchronized unit. While it goes without saying that you must perform upper body ”pulling” exercises, if you are serious about being able to perform pull-ups, you must also include exercises that address scapular and shoulder stability (I like to use the term controlled mobility), lumbo-pelvic stability, and even exercises that strengthen your lower body.

Written By: Meghan Callaway

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Exercises You Should Be Doing: Serratus Punch

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Written by: Tony Gentilcore

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Saved By The Barbell Podcast… We’re LIVE!

BOOM! I am very excited to launch my latest collaborative project, The Saved By The Barbell Podcast, hosted by myself and Kevin Warren! This is a show all about living a healthier, happier lifestyle hosted by two young dads who love to lift and hear ourselves talk 😉

But seriously, give episode 1 a listen here! We’re now streaming on iTunes and SoundCloud. Make sure to leave a review, all feedback is sincerely appreciated!

LeBron James: The Freshly Bald Functional Training Basketball GOAT

Guys… don’t do this. Let LeBron do it. Let it slide. Pretend we didn’t see it. Just don’t actually DO this…

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