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The 6 Most Overrated Things In Fitness

Sneak Peek:

People get emotionally attached to certain physical practices. Their commitment and beliefs about them will turn something that was once benign into a ritual. The result? Repeatedly doing ineffective stuff, or worse, doing more of the exact thing that’s making them injured.

If you find yourself aimlessly pounding through ego sessions with no major benefits, it’s time to step back and take a closer look at your practice. Here are the six things that you (or someone you know) are emotionally attached to.

Written By: John Rusin

Published By: T-Nation

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The Sprinting Form Mistake That’s Slowing You Down

Sneak Peek:

“If the foot muscles don’t do their job and lift the foot up like they should, then there is really just dead weight at the foot, and the slack has to be picked up elsewhere,” says Travis Hansen, director of the Reno Speed School and author of The Speed Encyclopedia.

Even though it seems like a minor mistake in the grand scheme of your stride, it can totally sap your stride power and increase ground contact time—the exact opposite of what you want with an efficient and powerful running stride.

Written By: Andy Haley

Published By: STACK

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Raise Your Legs to Increase Your Bench Press

Sneak Peek:

Written by: Joel Seedman

Published by: Advanced Human Performance

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Fitness is NOT one-size-fits-all! But people still continue to try to lift like their favorite bodybuilder, eat like their favorite Instagram model and mirror their life after someone else without taking their own individual needs into consideration.

This needs to end. Episode 4 is all about finding ways to create a sustainable fitness system based around what YOU need. Listen here today!

Things I Hate So Much: Volume 738,183,278

People are really out here ready to die for some social media likes…

Describe in one word…no swearing.

Posted by Spot Me Bro on Thursday, July 6, 2017

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