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Top Articles

The Six Best Trap Bar Exercises You Aren’t Using

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Written By: John Rusin, Christian Thibaudeau, Joel Seedman, Lee Boyce, Tony Gentilcore & Charles Staley

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Total-Body Sled Training

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Why Sled Work Is Awesome

  1. Low learning curve. There isn’t much technique that needs to be understood for many sled exercises. Anyone can do them, from pro to average Joe.

  2. Low impact. Many sled dragging variations can be done at a walk.

  3. No eccentric (negative) component, only concentric contractions.

  4. High volume, low stress. Without the eccentric stress, the nervous system is spared. That means sled work can be done at high volumes and frequencies. A sled is a great tool to use during de-loading phases or on a recovery day.

  5. Nutrient delivery. Repetitive concentric only muscle contractions deliver lots of blood and nutrients to working muscles. This makes using a sled great for warm-ups, for pump work, or for finishing any workout.

Written By: Drew Murphy

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How to Add Leg Strength Without Squats

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Written by: John Papp

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