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The Most Productive Teams at Google Have These 5 Dynamics

Sneak Peek:

Welle described five dynamics that distinguish effective teams at Google. In descending order of importance they are:

1. Psychological safety

Members feel they can be vulnerable. They know their ideas and opinions will be respected and considered, even when they conflict with those of the rest of the team.

2. Dependability

Members are confident their coworkers will deliver what they are supposed to when they are supposed to.

3. Structure and clarity 

Members understand their roles and the roles of others, and the goals of the team overall.

4. Meaning

Members feel that what they are working on is important to them personally.

5. Impact 

Members believe what they are doing will have a positive effect on the organization and the world.

The data demonstrate psychological safety is critical, said Welle. Google sales teams with the highest level of psychological safety outperformed their revenue targets, on average, by 17%. Those with the lowest psychological safety underperformed, on average, by 19%.

Written By: Leigh Buchanan

Published By: Inc.

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Stop Adding Credentials. Add Experience.

Sneak Peek:

My Master’s degree was a stellar program and I pursued it because my undergraduate degree was not in Exercise Science. It was in Economics and International Studies. Given that, I had the desire to learn exercise physiology, bury my head in anatomy and biomechanics textbooks, make connections with classmates in the fitness industry, and I don’t know, say I endured sleepless nights and hair pulling?

Looking back, receiving more credentials and letters behind my name was the least of my worries. Don’t get me wrong, though, I thoroughly enjoyed my Master’s program and reading books because it’s one of my passions. Yes, reading books and being introverted. ;-O

However, gaining hands-on experience was, to me, far more valuable than sitting in a classroom.

Written By: Erica Suter

Published By:

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Stretching Isn’t Bullshit

Sneak Peek:

Most of the time, it depends on the actual underlying cause of their mobility restriction. Stretching can be very useful to fix a dysfunctional mobility problem. Just be sure you don’t stretch into dysfunction and you alter alignment for the better. It won’t have the same lasting effects when passively stretching to alter tissue with the goal to increase structural mobility.

Increasing mobility by changing the tissue = no-no

Regaining structural mobility by changing nervous system function = yes-yes

Written by: Jasper De Coninck

Published by:

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How to Create a Back Workout That Actually Works

back workout

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