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Sneak Peek:

Written By: Joel Seedman

Published By: Advanced Human Performance

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Sneak Peek:

Instead of just shooting static posture pics, I can now get feedback with regards to movement quality.

The assessment process looks like this:

  • All of the above materials (posture pics, goals, current program, etc.)
  • Squat video
  • Lunge video
  • Push-up video
  • Toe touch video
  • Shoulder mobility video
  • Athletic movement videos (as necessary).

It may not be as dynamic as I could get in a hands-on session, but it’s far better than what I was doing a decade ago!

Written By: Mike Robertson

Published By: Robertson Training Systems

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Sneak Peek:

The barbell has been the cornerstone of strength and muscle building for a long time. And rightfully so as you’re able to load one with as much weight as you could possibly need. However, it can often be the wrong choice for many people just walking into the gym for the first time or even for some veterans of the gym. Not everyone is destined to lift that way.

One of the drawbacks, depending on the exercise, is that you can be locked into a certain range of motion or joint motion/angle. This can be potentially hazardous for those who don’t necessarily fit that mold of that position. It’s unnecessary to put yourself through that stress when there are so many other ways and tools to create strength and hypertrophy gains.

People will argue that it’s the ONLY tool suited for exercise, no matter what. But what you have to realize is that the tool is only as good as the user. If the user is unable to manage the tool effectively and safely, then how effective is it going to be?

Written by: Chris Cooper

Published by: STACK

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