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Sneak Peek:

The first key to waking up your glutes is remember how to squat. There is one big concept: you don’t squat ON your legs like an accordion, you squat between your legs. I teach this with two drills. First, stand tall and hold a weight (a light dumbbell is all you really need) in your hands straight down. Your hands should be just inside your legs. Now, squat down feeling your hands then forearms then upper arms push the thighs apart as you “find space” between your legs.

This skin on skin contact will allow you to trust yourself to slide your body between your legs. I call this the Potato Sack Squat because it looks like how you gently put a heavy sack on the floor. For many, this single exercise will illuminate the road for future squatting.

The next, of course, is the Goblet Squat. I came up with this exercise years ago attempting to teach a deep, authentic squat to a group of 65 fourteen year old athletes. It is this simple: hold a weight in front of your chest. Now, using your right elbow, push your right knee out. Then, use your left elbow to push your left knee out. Then, make your chest tall and, congrats, you are in a deep squat.

Written By: Dan John

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Coaching: Sometimes You Just Might Not Be A Good Fit

Sneak Peek:

The fact of the matter is that sometimes you might need to regress before you make progress, and this isn’t a bad thing at all. It is proper coaching, and proper learning. I hope this person realizes this at some point. People become the best by mastering the basics and going from there, and sometimes this does involve regressing before progress is made.
As coaches, we want to be able to help everybody. But that’s not how it works. Sometimes you just might not be a good fit. I didn’t take offense to her email at all. I wished her best of luck, and encouraged her to keep working on what I had given her. As a coach, do your best job, stay true to yourself, and you will be able to sleep at night, no matter what.

Written By: Meghan Callaway

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Drop the Fat, Chase Relative Strength

Sneak Peek:

The constant chase to throw more weight on the bar with a progressive-overload-or-die mindset will eventually bite you in the ass. Especially when it causes you to lose sight of other things and you end up fat and unhealthy.

There are a lot of strong guys out there, but how many of them look and feel like crap because their body fat percentage more closely resembles the hospitalized obesity ward rather than an elite level athlete?

Written by: John Rusin

Published by: T-Nation




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